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Will Laptop battery be damaged if connected to the power supply for a long time?

February 20, 2024

Latest company news about Will Laptop battery be damaged if connected to the power supply for a long time?

When there is AC power will not use the battery, only in the AC power disconnect to enable the battery, power outages have the battery can protect the computer, the battery life is a little shorter, but negligible. When in use, the plug on the notebook do not frequently unplugged, to wear the interface constantly. Especially in the case of a charged battery is more hurt, it is recommended to turn off the computer and then unplugged. If you just use it at home, you can remove the battery and plug it directly into the power supply to use it, which can prolong the battery life.

If you use an external power supply for a long time for the laptop power supply, or battery power has been more than 80%, immediately remove the laptop battery, usually charging does not need to fill the battery, charge to about 80% can be; adjust the operating system's power options, will be adjusted to the power alarm to more than 20%, usually the minimum battery power should not be less than 20%, in the drop to 20% before that is to be recharged;;.

Charge a good power should be immediately disconnected from the power cord (including the charging function of the USB port), has been followed by the battery will be damaged; to often charge, remember to charge, but do not have to be full of batteries; whether it is for laptops or cell phones, etc., are sure not to let the battery run out, the so-called the opposite of the extreme is the truth.

If you want to travel, the battery full it, but please remember to charge the appliance at any time under the conditions allow, in order to battery life, must not wait until the battery is drained, nowadays people have a lot of electronic equipment, a large part of which use lithium batteries, to ensure that the battery life is very practical. After all, the battery end-of-life but also recycling, otherwise it will cause serious pollution to the environment.

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