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48V golf cart lithium battery design

March 20, 2024

Latest company case about 48V golf cart lithium battery design

Golf carts powered by lithium batteries are small in size, light in weight, large in capacity, and flexible. They mostly use 36V/48V power supply systems. Lithium iron phosphate battery systems are widely used in power lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries.

latest company case about 48V golf cart lithium battery design  0



1. Project introduction


CLF-48V-150AH golf cart lithium battery, low-speed car lithium battery

Lithium iron phosphate power battery system

Product name: CLF-48V-150AH iron phosphate power battery system

Battery brand: CLF

Battery nominal voltage: 48V

Battery specifications/model:NPD-48V-150AH

Nominal capacity: 150AH

Continuous working current: 100A

Peak discharge current: 300A

Standard charging current: 100A

Battery operating voltage range: 40V-58.4V

Charging protection cut-off voltage: 58.4V

Discharge protection cut-off voltage: 40V

Communication function: According to customer requirements, communication protocol is provided.

Battery size (mm): 560*340*259.5mm

Battery weight (kg): about 130kg

Charging temperature (℃): 0℃~45℃

Discharge temperature (℃): -20℃~60℃

Storage temperature (℃): -20℃~45℃

Shell material: stainless steel (painted) black

Features: long service life, light weight battery, green and environmentally friendly

Widely used in: golf carts, low-speed vehicles, logistics vehicles, four-wheel vehicles


2. Project advantages

1. Lithium batteries support high current charging and discharging to ensure long-lasting operation of lithium batteries.
2. Lithium iron phosphate battery, long service life, durable
3. Intelligent BMS system, you can connect to the computer to check the working status of the battery.
4. Fast charger; lithium battery supports fast charging function, and the battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours

5. The battery can be equipped with a buzzer to provide an alarm function when the battery voltage is too low or a fault occurs.

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