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Why lithium-ion batteries will explode?

July 7, 2023

Latest company news about Why lithium-ion batteries will explode?

Explosion type analysis of the battery cell explosion can be summarized as external short circuit, internal short circuit, and overcharge three. Lithium-ion battery safety issues, not only with the nature of the battery material itself, but also with the battery preparation technology and use.

1, the internal polarization is large;

2, water absorption of the pole piece, and the electrolyte reaction gas drum;

3, the quality and performance of the electrolyte itself;

4、The amount of liquid injection does not meet the process requirements when injecting liquid;

5, poor sealing performance of laser welding in the assembly process, air leakage when measuring air leakage;

6, dust, pole piece dust first easy to cause micro short circuit;

7, the positive and negative pole piece is thicker than the process range, and it is difficult to enter the shell;

How to prevent lithium-ion battery pack explosion?

In this structure, the flame retardant is packed inside the polymer protective shell to prevent the flame retardant from dissolving directly into the electrolyte and thus causing negative impact on the battery performance. When the heat inside the lithium-ion battery pack is too high, the protective shell of the battery will dissolve due to the high temperature, releasing the flame retardant and thus effectively inhibiting the highly flammable electrolyte from burning.

1. Use the original charger: Charging time is the high incidence of lithium-ion battery pack explosions. The original charger is better than the compatible charger to ensure battery safety.

2. Use reliable batteries: Try to buy original batteries or well-known brand batteries on the market, such as the lithium-ion batteries, do not save money and buy second-hand goods or water goods, such batteries may be repaired, not as reliable as the original battery.

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