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Why don't all e-bikes switch to lithium iron phosphate ion batteries?

October 8, 2023

Latest company news about Why don't all e-bikes switch to lithium iron phosphate ion batteries?

E-bikes are not suitable for the use of lithium-ion batteries can be summarized in one word, iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries have no heavy metals, battery recycling rate of more than 95%, the electrolyte is almost pollution-free part of the type and even drink, the advantages of so many battery prices will not be naturally low. Although lower than the general price of nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary lithium-ion batteries, but the sales price per kwh also have to be in the 1500 yuan or so, some of the miscellaneous e-bike price of the whole car is only more than a thousand dollars, so that consumers pay twice as much as the price of environmental protection only how many people are willing to pay?

Electric vehicles as a mass travel tools, cheap, practical, safe and stable is a good thing, now lead-acid batteries about the two-wheeled trolley or price advantages and recycling advantages of the old for the new, but Iron Lane batteries in a few years to a certain back into the electric three-wheeled two-wheeled car standard. Technology upward development, the most important is environmental protection and power performance, lithium iron are in line with national policy requirements. A large number of battery manufacturers on the lithium iron must be able to reduce costs, improve dynamic performance and capacity, running more, charging faster.

The automotive industry can do battery from processing to recycling, from recycling to secondary use, and ultimately to the battery dismantling of each link has a platform to monitor the information on the battery group number of times the code monitoring, so as to ensure that the relative pollution-free as well as maximize the value of the battery. The two-wheeled vehicle processing company threshold is too low, too many manufacturers, sales network qualifications of good and bad, this structure is difficult to do effective monitoring of lithium power battery, so from this point of view in a short period of time new energy batteries will not be popularized to the two-wheeled trolley.

Some electric vehicles are also using lithium iron phosphate, but not ternary lithium popularity, may be lithium iron sulfate has some inherent defects, such as energy density and monomer voltage is lower than ternary, monomer voltage consistency is not good, the storage capacity is affected by the temperature is slightly larger.

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