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The difference between lithium battery module and PACK

September 1, 2023

Latest company news about The difference between lithium battery module and PACK

Simply put, Li-ion battery module is a more complete system, while PACK is a single component. Li-ion battery module:Li-ion battery module is composed of several to hundreds of battery cells through parallel and series connection of multiple lithium battery packs, in addition to the institutional design part, plus the battery management system and thermal management system can be composed of a more complete lithium battery pack system.PACK:PACK is the meaning of packaging, encapsulation, assembly, the process is divided into processing, assembly, packaging, three major parts of the PACK production line generally need to undertake only two functions: transmission and testing. At present, manufacturers generally apply semi-automatic PACK assembly line, which is mainly used for PACK on-line, off-line, testing, in-plant transmission and packaging. The automation integration business of power battery generally includes fully automated/semi-automated assembly line of module and PACK, automation equipment integration, information acquisition and transmission (MES), unmanned workshop software and hardware management system.2, power lithium battery module and PACK market analysisWith the continuous improvement of automated assembly process of power battery and the popularization of high-end equipment, power battery companies have become more and more aware of it. Last year, a number of domestic enterprises have been configured with fully automated module production line, capacity and product quality has been significantly expanded and improved. In terms of market demand, battery module and PACK production equipment form from the current small batch multi-species to the future of high-volume standardization, the development of solutions will be the focus of attention of battery manufacturers, at the same time, the battery companies choose to automate the module and PACK production line, not only for the sake of investment and return, but also the long-term development of the enterprise's strategic layout.Industry insiders believe that the future PACK enterprises to stand out in the future market competition, we must eliminate the traditional assembly process and production methods, at the same time, lithium battery pack PACK manufacturers need to continue to enhance the strength of the enterprise's R & D, improve product quality, and realize the automation of production. Automation, intelligent production methods, or will become an important indicator to consider the PACK lithium battery.

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