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Reasons for lithium-ion battery electric vehicle range becomes shorter

January 3, 2024

Latest company news about Reasons for lithium-ion battery electric vehicle range becomes shorter

1, sulfation and water loss is serious, the pole plate short circuit and disconnection, single battery broken frame and electric vehicle battery pack consistency is poor, such as battery failure, is caused by electric vehicle lithium-ion battery range kilometers of short important reasons.

2, lower temperatures: lithium-ion battery temperature increases, the activity of the active substances added, the positive electrode precipitation of oxygen potential a drop, the negative electrode precipitation of oxygen potential also dropped, so the charging reaction speed when charging, charging current is large, charging to be lower charging voltage.

3, the electric car itself: common tire pressure is low will increase the resistance when riding increase power consumption, so the range will be low, poor brake adjustment will also appear driving resistance; in addition to the battery outside the motor is also the core of an electric car, if the motor wear and tear motor bearings stagnation, motor magnet demagnetization, etc., will lead to serious discharge, accelerate the consumption of battery power caused by the shortened range.

4, resistance problems: lithium-ion battery capacity itself does not change, the change is the resistance becomes larger, compared to the summer and winter resistance becomes larger, in order to achieve the same power can only increase the current output, so in the case of the capacity remains unchanged, the battery seems to be consumed very quickly. In addition, the internal resistance of lithium-ion batteries is related to the temperature, the lower the temperature, the higher the internal resistance, so the winter will be consumed particularly fast.

5, charger: charger about electric car lithium-ion battery has a very important use, some people to electric car charging is not the original charger, if the charger is not original, it is difficult to charge the battery is really full, the charger indicator color change is not necessarily the real full power, so many times use non-original charger, will give you a false full power phenomenon! So a lot of times using a non-original charger will give you a false full charge, and the range will be shorter when you ride.

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