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Polymer lithium-ion battery features are as follows

February 8, 2023

Latest company news about Polymer lithium-ion battery features are as follows

Polymer lithium-ion battery features are as follows.

1. The use of a wide range, now in the 3c digital industry use is exceptionally hot

2. from the soft pack polymer lithium-ion battery shape inside, soft pack variable any one shape, for motor vehicles to assemble soft pack battery, can add space for motor vehicles, while the soft pack battery assembly location is not affected by the type of motor vehicle structure

3. very thin, occupying a small space, soft pack batteries in terms of being able to make the battery thinner, soft pack battery overall operational flexibility and matching is relatively high, for automotive companies in terms of design ideas and other aspects have a pretty big temptation.

4. High safety factor, soft pack battery structure type selection of aluminum-plastic film packaging, aluminum film packaging is the biggest competitive advantage is soft has a certain softness, when the battery security problems, soft pack battery will generally bulge and crack, the liquid inside the leakage, will not cause the vapor discharge and thus cause an explosion and fire conditions occur

5. small size, lighter weight, soft pack polymer lithium-ion battery volume inside in terms of lighter weight, while bearing a large volume, small internal resistance, the design concept of flexibility and other characteristics began to gradually present its competitive advantage, the dominant position is highlighted.


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