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How to maintain the lithium-ion battery?

March 6, 2023

Latest company news about How to maintain the lithium-ion battery?

Lithium battery because of their large capacity, and no memory effect, in modern production, life is more and more widely used, especially cell phones, and computers, which is not equipped with lithium batteries! Some general cell phones will be equipped with a spare battery, so this backup battery after charging, how to save to ensure that its energy is not lost.

1. Lithium primary battery

Also known as primary lithium batteries. Can be continuously discharged, and can also be intermittent discharge. Once the power is depleted, it can no longer be used, in the camera, and other low-power consumption of electronic products are widely used.

Lithium primary battery self-discharge is very low, can be stored for as long as 3 years, under refrigerated conditions, the effect will be better. Lithium primary batteries stored in a low-temperature place are not a good way to lose. Note: Lithium primary batteries are different from lithium-ion batteries, lithium primary batteries can not be charged, and charging is very dangerous!

2. Lithium-ion battery

Also known as secondary lithium batteries. In 20 ℃ can be stored for more than six months, this is due to its low self-discharge rate, and most of the capacity can be restored.

Lithium batteries exist self-discharge phenomenon, if the battery voltage is below 3.6V for a long time, it will lead to over-discharge and damage the internal structure of the battery, reducing battery life. Therefore, long-term storage of lithium batteries should be recharged every 3-6 months, that is, charged to a voltage of 3.8-3.9V (the best storage voltage of lithium batteries is about 3.85V), maintained at 40%-60% of the depth of discharge is appropriate, should not be full. The battery should be stored in a dry environment at 4℃~35℃ or in moisture-proof packaging. Keep away from heat sources and do not place in direct sunlight.

Lithium batteries have a wide range of application temperatures, in the winter outdoors in the north, can still be used, but the capacity will be much lower, if you return to room temperature conditions, the capacity can be restored again.

Of course, lithium batteries just bought only a little bit of electricity inside, which is due to the storage performance of lithium batteries is an important parameter to measure the degree of stability of the battery's overall performance, lithium battery manufacturers will just produce a good lithium battery after a certain period of storage before it is factory sales, which is to let the internal electrochemical properties of the components of lithium batteries stabilized in order to ensure the quality of the battery. So we have to charge in advance before use.

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