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How to choose a lithium battery pack for electric vehicles?

December 27, 2023

Latest company news about How to choose a lithium battery pack for electric vehicles?

Detail 1: Battery compartmentalization, full computer monitoring

Each cell of high-quality lithium-ion battery is controlled by consistency! All batteries are scanned on the capacity dividing equipment, and the computer automatically records the capacity, internal resistance and voltage of each battery according to the contents of the code scanning. Secondly, all single batteries are sprayed with model capacity, wH, barcode, batch code and traceable production date code.

Detail 2: Advanced spot welding, higher technology

High-quality lithium-ion battery packs using the most advanced spot welding machine equipment on the battery series and connection, spot welding position and current all take the computer to set the parameters to monitor the welding, welding computer through the battery on current automatic monitoring, false welding, if the welding is not secure alarm and shutdown!

Detail 3: Finished aging test, strict standards

Each group of high-quality lithium-ion batteries, will use the domestic advanced aging equipment on the finished product 100% aging sub-capacity test. When the battery appears in the following two situations, are not shipped. First, when the battery capacity cycle after 3 weeks, there is a decline of more than 0.02% above will not be shipped; when high-temperature aging capacity voltage difference between a group of batteries more than 15mv between each string will not be shipped.

Detail 4: Protective plate can be customized

High-quality lithium-ion batteries with the most advanced, patented BMS protection system. Effectively prevent the protection system electronic components waterproof, high temperature, oxidation, impact and other functions of the lithium-ion battery pack in the course of normal use (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, undervoltage, overcurrent, temperature control) protection.

Detail 5: Unique customized four anti-four retrospective battery outer packaging

In the appearance of the packaging, high-quality lithium-ion battery pack also has a design invention patent, all the outer box all 1mm alloy materials and high temperature plastic spraying process, to achieve collision, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof; at the same time, all the finished products hit the laser anti-identification code, not only to ensure product quality, but also to each user is responsible for.

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