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How long does a custom lithium-ion battery pack take?

April 21, 2023

Latest company news about How long does a custom lithium-ion battery pack take?

Currently lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various industries in the field of industrial equipment, but because the industrial sector does not have conventional fixed specifications and size requirements, so industrial lithium batteries are not conventional products, are required to customize, so how long does it take to customize a set of lithium-ion batteries?

conventional state, lithium-ion battery customization length of about 15 days;

Day 1:  before the receipt of the order demand, R & D staff to evaluate the order demand, the sample for quotation and custom product stand.

Day 2: for the product battery cells for selection and circuit design
Day 3: come out with structure drawing and customer to determine, and business negotiation

Day 4: Material selection, BMS protection board design, battery assembly, cycle charging and discharging, circuit testing and debugging verification

And then packing, warehousing, quality inspection, warehousing until the transport to the customer, the customer for sample testing and other work, under normal circumstances, it takes about 15 working days.

Lithium battery assembly is not like a small workshop inside the kind of unknown cells and BMS protection board, take over the direct series-parallel group package, without testing and verification of direct shipments, this battery is generally a price war, the battery price is very low no after-sales guarantee, basically do a one-time business, buy batteries or recommended to go to a professional and regular battery manufacturers to purchase, quality after-sales more guaranteed.

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