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What kind of battery is explosion-proof lithium battery?

November 6, 2023

Latest company case about What kind of battery is explosion-proof lithium battery?

What kind of battery is explosion-proof lithium battery?

Explosion-proof lithium batteries are a kind of battery products designed to improve the safety performance of lithium batteries in special environments. Explosion-proof lithium batteries usually use special safety measures, such as:

1. Adopting high-strength explosion-proof protection shell to resist external collision and extrusion.

2. Protection circuits are added to automatically disconnect or discharge the battery when its internal temperature or pressure exceeds the safety range, so as to avoid abnormalities such as short circuit, overcharge or overdischarge of the battery.

3. A pressure valve is installed to release the internal gas when the pressure inside the battery is too high, so as to control the temperature and pressure inside the battery.

4. Adopting high temperature and high pressure resistant explosion-proof material, it can be used in special environment such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive and flammable.

Explosion-proof lithium batteries are suitable for petroleum, chemical, military, coal mining, shipping and other important fields, which can improve the safety performance and reliability of equipment. For example, explosion-proof lithium batteries can be used in miners' headlamps, equipment monitoring, natural gas detection, oil exploration and other fields, and their safety performance is widely recognized.

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