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Lithium-ion batteries are useless after sitting for a long time

February 20, 2024

Latest company case about Lithium-ion batteries are useless after sitting for a long time

First of all, we have to first understand the battery is divided into many many kinds, and the iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad using the "Li-ion lithium-ion rechargeable batteries", generally we buy in the convenience store is the so-called [one time battery], common is the alkaline batteries, manganese dry batteries, silver oxide batteries, mercury batteries, etc., these batteries can only be used once, after the power is exhausted, must be discarded for recycling! These batteries can only be used once, and when the power runs out, they must be discarded and recycled!

Another is the [secondary battery], which is also known as rechargeable batteries, common types such as nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and so on. But these just look at it, you do not have to take notes, because the real battery classification, there are more than these!

In this article, I will target at iPhone, iPodtouch, iPad use "Li-ion lithium-ion rechargeable batteries" to do the use of sharing:

Lithium batteries can only be charged and discharged 500 times? That's right, that's wrong!

In some international research data shows that the number of times of charging and discharging is indeed limited, which is correct! But this must be structured in the case of depletion of power, that is, if you charge the electricity full (4.2 volts), and then continue to use (3.6 to 3.7 volts), if the power is getting lower and lower (3V ~ 2.5V), will begin to carry out a weak warning, and if less than 2.5V, the battery is considered depleted, and automatic shutdown, such action is called deep discharge (from 2.5 volts to 4.2 volts to charge once), the battery can only be charged once. This action is called deep discharge (charging from 2.5 volts to 4.2 volts counts as one time).

According to foreign experimental data show that the number of good lithium batteries can reach more than 500 times of deep discharge, in other words, although the depth of charge and discharge (full, exhausted) action for lithium batteries is not good, but the number of such actions and life but also up to 500 times more than the life of the battery, but still according to the battery's design and quality (aside from the brand benefits, the expensive batteries or have his expensive reasons), but also according to the battery's design and quality. He is expensive for a reason), and it is certain that the ...... The more times you run out of battery, the sooner your battery will come back to the west!

But according to the characteristics of lithium batteries, if the voltage inside the battery is low to a certain extent, then this lithium battery will engage in self-shutdown, real-time is not bad, but also because the voltage has been below a certain limit, and lead to the battery a sleepy state of death (this is now known as pseudo-failure)!

So you will find that if your cell phone battery or digital camera battery has not been used for a long time, how the battery can not be charged? Or the life span is getting shorter and shorter? In fact, this is because the battery is depleted, resulting in low voltage and let the lithium battery can not start, so instead of letting the battery fail early (because of the lower voltage value, resulting in the battery pistil can not start the charging process again)!

This situation most often occurs in the digital camera battery above, many people will buy a few more batteries for the digital camera, but sometimes these batteries are not often used, coupled with the usual neglect of the charging action, so one does not pay attention to these batteries so that the battery is put into a dead, when the battery power is lower than a specific voltage, the battery so that the end of the line (so all right to remember to take the battery out of the charge to charge).

Good batteries will have a "charge management IC" to limit the charging and discharging voltage to ensure that the safe voltage (overcharge) and lead to battery explosion, but also by the IC to detect to avoid falling below 2.5 volts, so that the battery does not run out of power and caused by the inability to start the charging process. However, if a battery is already almost dead, and you do not charge it quickly, then the power will still be built-in management IC slowly eat up, when the voltage is below 2.5V, your battery will be scrapped .....

Lithium batteries will go bad if they are left uncharged for too long.

The problem of overcharging is that many devices have protection devices that automatically stop charging when they are full, so you don't have to worry about this problem! But there is another problem that we should pay more attention to, that is ......... Don't put the battery to completely dead!

Often hear people say that it is best to use up the battery, preferably until it is switched off and then recharged, but this is a completely wrong idea in the world of lithium batteries! When the iPhone in 20% power warning, we must start to prepare for charging, lithium batteries, if over-discharged, may lead to low battery voltage, resulting in a hibernation state of the battery does not sleep, so that the battery is scrapped early death!

The first time you use a new battery, you do not need to charge it for 12 hours.

New batteries need to be charged for more than 12 hours, in fact, is inherited from the previous nickel batteries, such as nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries continue to say, but technology is advancing to lithium batteries, in fact, do not need to do this action! Even excessive charging and discharging, lithium batteries are harmful.

Many products (cell phones, digital cameras, special) in the manual, will require you to use for the first time, to be full of more than 12 hours, in fact, is to "to ensure safety", because these products from the factory shipments have been sold to the hands of the user, the process may take several months, and these batteries in this period of time may be due to the slow loss of power, resulting in the power to continue to decline, so the original instructions Therefore, the original factory instructions, usually recommend that you first connected to the charger, and to charge for more than 12 hours, in fact, to avoid you get the device when you start to play, then if the battery to play to less than 2.5V, then the battery will be bad! So the factory will ask you to charge for 12 hours, in fact, is also to avoid the user accidentally caused by the battery depletion of the "tactics".

Most of the chargers or devices (cell phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, etc.), in the battery is full, will automatically stop charging action, as well as weak power on the shutdown of the protection device, in order to avoid damage to the battery. But there are some cheap batteries or chargers "may" not do so (cost), so be careful when you use it, the battery is full to take it down, do not have to be placed on the charger, it is meaningless, and the battery is flat on the quick take down, do not continue to use, so as not to cause the power to run out of so that the battery will be hung up!

Charge it when you want to and try to keep it charged, that's all that matters!

So in summary, don't let your battery die! This is the best protection, at any time plugged into the charging cable, transmission line, there is no effect on the battery, lithium batteries themselves, the characteristics of the decision that it is almost no memory effect, so even if you now have 80% of the power, but also boldly go to charge it, the battery will automatically stop charging action after full, so that your battery will not be over-charged, and will not have any impact on the battery!

In other words, lithium batteries are not afraid of charging at any time, but afraid of running out of power! When the power is too low prompt, should be charged as soon as possible or the battery will be replaced, do not let him completely depleted (such as digital camera batteries, do not try to shoot until completely dead, this is very hurt).

If the lithium battery is not charged, and long placed not used, not charged, it will lead to lithium batteries can not be used again because of low power failure, often the lithium batteries depleted batteries, than often charging the use of the way, the life of at least half of a short more than ah, can not be careful.

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