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Design scheme of 115.2v rail transit bridge inspection vehicle

April 26, 2024

Latest company case about Design scheme of 115.2v rail transit bridge inspection vehicle

With the development of rail transit industry, lithium batteries are gradually replacing lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are the main power source. They have many advantages that lead-acid batteries do not have, such as environmental protection, convenience, safety, light weight and small volume. High voltage lithium batteries are used in bridges, ships, yachts and other large projects.

latest company case about Design scheme of 115.2v rail transit bridge inspection vehicle  0

1、 Project introduction

Npd-115.2v-200ah lithium battery pack for power of rail transit and bridge inspection vehicles

Lithium iron phosphate power battery system

Product Name: npd-115.2v-200ah iron phosphate power battery system

Battery brand: nopedie

Nominal voltage of battery: 115.2v

Battery Specification / model: npd-115.2v-200ah

Nominal capacity: 200ah

Continuous working current: 200A

Peak discharge current: 600A

Standard charging current: 50A

Battery operating voltage range: 90-131.4v

Cut off voltage of charging protection: 131.4v

Cut off voltage of discharge protection: 90V

Communication function: can communication interface, providing communication protocol.

Battery size (mm): 1110 * 806 * 797.5mm

Battery weight (kg): about 410kg

Charging temperature (℃): 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Discharge temperature (℃): - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature (℃): - 20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Shell material: stainless steel (painted) black

Features: long service life, light battery weight, green and environmental protection

Widely used in: large bridges, yachts, etc

2、 Project advantages

1. The lithium battery 115.2v200ah adopts the design of modular lithium battery cell, which has good consistency and matching

2. BMS intelligent communication system, can communication protocol, customers can connect the computer to check the working state of the battery at any time

3. The charger is placed in the shell and integrated with the battery. Fan vents are installed on both sides of the outside, which has good heat dissipation effect

4. It adopts stainless steel waterproof shell, with optional color, can be used outdoors, waterproof and durable

5. A universal wheel is installed at the bottom, and the large battery is convenient to move

6. Lifting rings are set around the top of the battery to facilitate lifting and movement

7. The charging and discharging plug adopts waterproof plug with dustproof and waterproof cap

8. LCD display screen is installed externally, and the start switch can check the voltage, power and other information of the battery at any time

9. The battery is equipped with a buzzer. When the battery power is less than 15% or the battery fails, the buzzer light will light up and give an alarm

10. The lithium battery is designed as a whole according to the customer's demand concept, makes rational use of the battery compartment space, and provides design drawings.

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