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48V lithium ion battery

August 8, 2023

Latest company news about 48V lithium ion battery

48V lithium ion battery

1, 48V lithium ion battery charging precautions

 Charge in strict accordance with standard time and procedures.

 Li-ion batteries are generally charged half-charged state when shipped from the factory, the first time you use the battery must be fully charged.

 Use the original charger, the original charger supporting strong performance, charging multiplier moderate.

 Don't use it often enough to charge it when the undervoltage protection circuit works. The concept of charging after completely discharging the electricity is incorrect, the greater the depth of discharge, the greater the number of times the power loss is used, the shorter the service life of lithium batteries.

2、How many kilometers can a 48V lithium-ion battery run on a full charge?

48V lithium-ion battery range with the capacity of the battery itself (Ah) and the motor power of the electric car (W) related to the national standard of electric bicycles on the market now generally use 48V 12Ah lithium batteries and 350W motors, with the development of battery technology, their theoretical range of 50km, the actual use of the range is still based on the body weight of the rider and the weight of the ride to decide.

How many kilometers can a 48v lithium-ion battery run on a full charge depends on factors such as battery capacity, motor power, weight. Generally speaking, 48V 12Ah, 350w lithium-ion battery can run 50km. 48V 20Ah can run 70km. 72V 22Ah lithium-ion battery can run 90km.

3、How many hours does it take to charge a 48V lithium battery?

The charging time has little to do with the voltage;

Mainly depends on the capacity of lithium-ion battery and charger power, charging time = lithium battery capacity ÷ charging current

For example, 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery selection of regular 48V 2A charger, then the theoretical charging time of 2 hours, that is, 20Ah ÷ 10A = 2h, but the actual charging of constant flow constant voltage mode, in the last trickle charging time-consuming, so the normal situation are in about 3 hours. Similarly, the choice of 48V 5A charger, you need 20Ah ÷ 5A = 4h, but the same trickle time, so about 5 hours.

4, 48V lithium-ion batteries can not be charged into how to do?

 charger output parameters are normal, voltage, current, etc.;

 whether the charger line is normal, whether the wire is broken at the connector;

 whether the lithium battery is bad, you can test whether the open circuit voltage of the battery is normal;

 consult the lithium battery manufacturer.

5, 48V 13 string and 14 string difference

 ternary only divided into 13 or 14 strings, lithium iron phosphate is 16 strings

 but ternary 13 series discharge platform is significantly lower than 48V, slow, 14 series of good

13 series full voltage 13 * 4.2 = 54.6V, rated voltage 13 * 3.7 = 48.1V, cut-off voltage 13 * 3.2 = 41.6V

14 string full voltage 14*4.2 = 58.8V, rated voltage 14*3.7 = 51.8V, cut-off voltage 14*3.2 = 44.8V

13 series can be better compatible with lead-acid battery electric car, lead-acid battery electric car normal is 12*4= 48V, as of voltage 10.5*4 =42V

 In addition, the charger voltage of 48V 13 series and 48V 14 series are not the same, can not be universal, some chargers can adjust the voltage can be universal.

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