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The 4th Asia (GuangZhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019

China Shenzhen Herculesi Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Herculesi Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
The 4th Asia (GuangZhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019
Latest company news about The 4th Asia (GuangZhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019


The 4th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019


From August 16th to 18th, the 4th Asia Battery (Guangzhou) Sourcing Fair 2019 (referred to as GBF ASIA) was grandly opened at the China Import and Export Fair. This year's largest professional exhibition in the battery industry, this exhibition attracted 441 battery and industry chain related companies to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition scale reached 30,000 square meters, a total of more than 1,200 standard booths, it is expected that there will be more than 50,000 people at home and abroad in three days. Professional visitors can arrive at the site to visit and purchase.


The current global trend of electrification can be described in one sentence: batteries are ubiquitous. Whether it is a car involving transportation, an electric car, or a VR, a drone, a smart wearer, and an Internet of Things, robots, tools, etc., which are involved in work and entertainment, there is a large demand for high-performance batteries. China is currently the center of the global battery industry. The production and market size of power batteries, energy storage batteries, and 3C electronics and smart terminals account for more than half of the world's total. Under the condition of satisfying the domestic market, Chinese batteries (including battery materials and equipment) have become the trend of the times. "Industry is complete, quality is excellent, and category is homogeneous" has become a unique feature of China's battery industry. The Asia Pacific Battery Show provides an international stage for the Chinese battery to face the global market, and has also enabled the world to seek a centralized procurement platform for high-quality battery products in China.


The GBF ASIA is led by the National Energy Conservation Center, the China Energy Conservation Association, the Guangdong Battery Industry Association, the Dongguan Lithium Industry Association, and the Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Guangzhou Shuoxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.


At the exhibition site, the reporters came into close contact with the major brands participating in the exhibition. Famous enterprises include: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lishen Battery, BAK Battery, Zhuhai Guanyu, Jiangsu Zhihang, Dongguan Zhenhua, Shenzhen Chuangming, Penghui Energy, Luhua Group, Henan Lithium, Yuyou Power, Shengli Li, Xu Pai Safety Lithium, Henan Haihong, Jiangxi Anchi, Hengdong, Hualiyuan, Jinghui Semiconductor, Zhongtianhong Lithium and other battery companies , as well as Zhengye Technology, Chengjie Intelligent, Zhongmai Technology, Yixinfeng, Huayang Automation, etc.


One of the highlights of this exhibition, Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd., with its vision of “Intelligent Testing + Intelligent Manufacturing”, demonstrated the results of PCB, lithium battery and LCD panel at the exhibition. Guangdong Zhengye focuses on the strategic development line of “intelligent detection and intelligent manufacturing overall solution”, based on “technical business”, and develops towards “digital business”, and continues to deeply study “intelligent manufacturing, automation integration, information integration”. The core technology, deep cultivation of "PCB, LCD panel, new energy" three major markets, continue to power the "smart battery industry."


According to the on-site understanding, Shenzhen Chengjie Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which focuses on the production of film winding equipment, is focused on improving product quality and promoting import penetration during the development of the battery industry. The main line of the speed superposition attribute creates more high-quality resources and materials for the industry.


For a long time, GBF ASIA has been deeply engaged in the application of buyer groups, and is committed to “bringing foreign high-quality buyers and helping Chinese outstanding enterprises to go out”, for lithium batteries, super batteries, fuel cells and graphene, battery materials and battery equipment. Waiting to build a real trading platform for the global market, helping to become the "Canton Fair" in the global battery industry!


At this exhibition, we can see a large number of international buyers of different skin colors and serious communication and procurement exchanges with exhibitors. The organizer Shuoxin Exhibition introduced to the reporter: The emerging battery market represented by the countries along the “Belt and Road” has huge demand space. Especially in Southeast Asia and Europe. China's advanced technology and the advantages of a complete industrial chain are their import direction. In recent years, under the general trend of global electrification, other countries have begun to pay attention to the development of the battery industry, which provides new opportunities for China's battery industry cross-border cooperation and product trade. The Asia-Pacific Battery Show has seized this opportunity and brought a large foreign purchasing and trading group to domestic exhibitors.

latest company news about The 4th Asia (GuangZhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019  0

1. Lithium battery and materials and equipment exhibition area

Various types of lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, assembled batteries, power battery modules and PACK;

Various types of square batteries, cylindrical batteries, polymer batteries, etc.

Battery case, tabs, caps, connectors, chargers, battery monitoring/extinguishing/fusing and protection devices, battery kits, and parts processing equipment;

Lithium battery materials include cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, battery separators, aluminum plastic films, protective films, tapes, etc., as well as material processing equipment, analytical testing equipment;

Lithium battery for mixing, coating, rolling, slitting, sheeting, winding, assembly, baking, shelling, dehumidification, liquid injection, sealing, welding, chemical conversion, and lithium battery intelligent module line, PACK sorting , spot welding, coating, fitting, assembly, testing, etc.;

Lithium battery environmental protection equipment, ladder utilization, recycling technology.


2, power battery, BMS and new energy vehicles, core components exhibition area

Lithium-ion power batteries, fuel cells, batteries, air batteries, supercapacitors, etc.;

Electric vehicles (buses, buses, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, special vehicles), fuel cell vehicles, etc.

Battery management system (BMS), electric vehicle powertrain, motor, electronic control, charging facilities, fuses and protection devices, etc.

New energy vehicle production technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment, lightweight technology, test equipment and technology.


3, the super capacitor exhibition area

Various types of combined, laminated supercapacitors for industrial electronics, consumer electronics, transportation, and green energy;

Supercapacitor manufacturing equipment, testing and laboratory equipment, various monitoring and maintenance instruments in use;

Supercapacitors all kinds of raw materials and spare parts (including graphene, activated carbon, diaphragm, current collector, etc.).


4. Hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell technology exhibition area

Hydrogen preparation, storage and safety testing technology and equipment, hydrogen refueling station equipment, etc.;

Various fuel cell and system applications, fuel cell vehicles;

Fuel cell materials, associated equipment/systems, and production and processing equipment;

Relevant assessment, testing and analysis techniques and equipment.


5. Nano and graphene technology and application exhibition area

Graphene raw materials, powder materials, etc.;

Graphene powder preparation equipment, microwave treatment, heat treatment equipment, packaging equipment, coating equipment, etc.;

Graphene film and film growth CVD equipment, transfer equipment, etc.;

Graphene analysis test equipment, testing service organization, etc.


6, battery exhibition area

Various vented lead-acid batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries and other batteries and battery packs;

Materials and spare parts for battery materials such as lead materials, separator materials, additive materials, and shell cover for various types of storage batteries;

Various lead-acid battery manufacturing equipment, test equipment, monitoring and maintenance equipment, battery chargers, etc.;

Battery recycling technology, environmental protection and "three wastes" processing technology and equipment.


7. Energy Storage Technology Exhibition Area

Energy storage batteries for wind power, photovoltaic, wind and solar hybrid, nuclear energy and other industries;

Large-scale energy storage systems, engineering and ancillary equipment, such as large-scale energy storage, micro-grid, distributed energy, household energy storage systems, and communication base station energy storage;

Energy storage system components, inverters, converters, island systems, resistance filters, UPS power supplies, etc.


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